International orders

Scandinavian design and craftsmanship.

Traditional Scandinavian kitchens are a charming embodiment of functionality and aesthetics, deeply rooted in the region’s history and culture. These kitchens are a reflection of the Scandinavian way of life, where simplicity, practicality, and a connection to nature are highly valued. We borrowed our name from the Kulladal district, located a few kilometers south of central Malmö in Sweden.

In the 1920s and 1930s, kitchen design started to resemble what we have today. Before that, kitchens were often a mix of different pieces of furniture, but from the 1920s onwards, built-in kitchen fixtures became common. During the 1930s, the kitchen became a central part of the home and an increasingly social space. Functionality was as important as social interaction and cooking. We’ve drawn inspiration from the aesthetics and craftsmanship of this era, which forms the foundation of our kitchens.

No matter where you are located in Europe, you can have a Kulladal Kitchen. While we prefer face-to-face consultations when possible, we are fully equipped to design your dream kitchen through phone, video calls, and email interactions.

Special Considerations for International Orders

Ordering a Kulladal Kitchen from outside Sweden involves a few distinct considerations. Firstly, we recommend arranging your own installation team for when the kitchen arrives. Opting for a reputable and experienced group of installers ensures a smooth installation process. We provide comprehensive information and guidance materials and are readily available via email to assist with any inquiries

Additionally, we do not supply stone/steel worktops or appliances for international projects. It is more practical to source these items locally in your own country. Shipping large and delicate worktops can be costly and logistically challenging. To simplify this aspect, we will engage in thorough discussions with you regarding worktop options, recommend materials that best suit your kitchen, and provide measurements for you to obtain these locally.

A Step-by-Step Guide for International Customers


Initiate the process by sending us the required information to This should include your contact details, project timeline, budget, room plan with dimensions, and details about any structural work. If you’d like, you can use the sketching program on our website instead.


If the price is within your budget, we plan the kitchen in detail together. In this phase, decisions are made regarding type of door, special features, color, appliances, countertops and more.


We compile a final specification. Upon your approval, an invoice for the down payment (20% of the total cost) will be sent. This step typically takes two weeks unless there are any changes. The delivery time after the approved final specification is approximately 12-16 weeks.


After the final specification, construction drawings are also sent for approval. After this, the workshop begins the manufacturing. The basic construction and craftsmanship used in our kitchens have a long history. We essentially employ the same techniques that cabinetmakers have used for centuries.


Your kitchen will be securely wrapped and delivered to your location, complete with comprehensive information for your chosen installation team.